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News Ujdonság Neuigkeiten July 2011


It was a long way, but now it´s done. Our 5 th. Festival of fine Arts ran best way. We are all tired - but satisfied.

Hundreds and hundreds of people from far and near ( they said, saturday more then 1000! and sunday hundreds with children of all age) saw our Expo, celebrated with 13 artists of 6 countries.

From Belgium to Italy, from Germany to Slovenia, from Austria and Hungary. Best and finest works, painted, fotografed, sculptured or made from pottery in combination with other material. Thank you Claudine Potts and Angelo Minuti! Thank you Josef Hasenoerl and Gerd Messmann! Thank you Elisabeth Ledersberger - Lehoczky! Thank you Steven Hagymás and  "Panna" Varga! Thank you István P.Balogh and István Szendi Szücs! Thank you Ferenc Farkas! You are wonderfull, you are great!  And naturelly Thank you, wonderfull people of Márokföld, Thank you Mister Steven Szabó, mayor in chief!  Your idea to invite "Bedhy" was great. And Meggie with Géza! Thank you for this wonderfull french and hungarian songs! So we had "Music the whole day" in the background, and all this for free! Then fine spicy food and.... yes drinks. Hungarian wines! And Palinka! Wow.

Believe it, the village gave us the possibility to do this without any fee. My beloved wife Edith is in my back, she gave me the power to do it, brought good ideas too. Thank You Darling. Then my Band, Nikki and István: Thank You !!

Me, as a kind of leading manager from this event, I am proud, glad and tired too.Do you remember ,perhaps you do, that our village is very small, with only 40 habitants. Most of them in the age of... No better, they are retired! But they like it, since we started. Just as in the well known song: with a little help.....I could say the also famous words, like Martin Luther King did: Once I / we had a dream.. and I / we ( my friends and me) hoped and did the best. This year 5th. times! Thank You Folks! We started planing for next year....



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